Fancy Detail Gold Y-Style Necklace with Labradorite

Fancy Detail Gold Y-Style Necklace with Labradorite



Linked to the glimmering gold and green lights of the Aurora Borealis, the Labradorite stone is as mystical as its iridescent changing colors suggest. Born from the storms of the Northern Lights and found in Canada’s Labrador region, the healing properties of this healing crystal are all about tapping into your own wonderful well of creativity and connecting with the higher consciousness.

Y-style necklace is elongating and sexy. Fancy detailed 14k gold plated white metal chain is accented with Labradorite semi precious stones. Finished with a vintage brass lobster clasp. Great for layering or perfect just on its own. Can also be worn with the tail tucked inside top or bra for a different look. Have fun playing around. 


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