Laborde jewellery is made from several different metals. These may include: Vintage brass, sterling silver, These metals are nickel-free and hypo-allergenic for most people, unless you have an allergy and can only wear solid metals ex. solid gold. Depending on your skin’s chemical makeup (PH), jewellery may either brighten or acquire a darker, antique patina with repeated wear. For good measure; avoid perfume and cosmetics directly on your piece and wearing your jewellery in the shower, swimming, when sleeping, during excessive sweating ex. when exercising. If your piece gets "wet" use a damp cloth and wipe the piece clean and immediately after use a dry cloth and wipe until dry. You can polish using brass cleaner to clean your metals if need be. Just make sure you rinse properly and wipe dry to avoid further tarnish. If you've discovered you have an allergy Laborde jewelry will repair the piece for you within 2 months of purchase.

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