Sterling Silver Paperclip Chain Cluster Necklace

Sterling Silver Paperclip Chain Cluster Necklace




In ancient Vedic texts, the pearl is born of the Earth’s waters and the heaven’s powers, fertilized by a flash of lightning. It’s considered to be the daughter of the Moon. In Western cultures, the pearl has astrological associations with the planet Venus. Like pearls, the goddess of love came from the sea.

Evil eye traditionally represents protection. An extra eye watching over us, protecting us from evil. The symbol of the evil eye mainly promises to keep you safe and sound.

Something every wardrobe needs, this super versatile lariet style necklace.

Sterling silver paperclip chain necklace. Use the lobster clasp and clip anywhere on the chain to change the style your necklace. 

Cluster mix includes a sterling silver eye evil eye, leaf, tassel and freshwater pearl. Length is 18in. Longer lengths available, just ask.  

Slow Fashion. Handmade with love.

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