Kali Talisman - Sterling Silver - Vintage Brass Chain Necklace

Kali Talisman - Sterling Silver - Vintage Brass Chain Necklace



Kali is the quintessential embodiment of shakti, female power. She emerges as an independent goddess and wears the most gorgeous jewellery!! 

Choosing Kali as an icon isn’t reclaiming the right to be aggressive, feral, ugly, or merciless—it is embracing that the ultimate goal for which women continue to be at war is, simply, to be. She is, simply, wilderness itself.

She represents nature at its rawest and most untamed. She is the culmination of all that is strength and power. She is loving without being devoted. 

This makes Kali the feminist icon we need today, in that she is a complex figure of many contrasting traits, all of which are equally worthy expressions of female strength—unapologetic because it doesn’t even consider that there could be anything to apologise for.

Sterling silver antique talisman. Hung from a vintage brass findings and beautiful chain. This necklace is 20in long and can be adjusted (just ask) 

Slow Fashion. Handmade with love.

Creative | Experimental | Everyday Jewelry  

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