Freshwater pearl flat vintage brass snake chain

Freshwater pearl flat vintage brass snake chain



Loving the versatility of this necklace and the combination of "hard" and "soft" mediums. Not only does this piece boast a gorgeous Freshwater Pearl pendant but it's also modular and the entire pendant simply slides off to leave you with a stunning simple and elegant flat snake chain. This piece has some chic attitude, you can wear with anything! Change the look and style with one single adjustment.  

Simply remove your pendant by sliding it off the chain and voila! Vibe change. You have a completely different necklace. Have fun layering other necklaces with this piece or wear all on its own. 

Vintage brass flat snake link chain. Freshwater Pearl pendant. Measures 16in. 

Slow Fashion. Handmade with love.

Creative | Experimental | Everyday Jewelry  


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