ARIES - Small Zodiac Medallion

ARIES - Small Zodiac Medallion



Zodiac Sun Sign Necklaces. Sweet, Simple and Personal. 

ARIES ♈  March 21-April 19th
Fire, Cardinal, Active
Brave, direct, fearless, independent, deep sense of justice and a natural leader.

Vintage brass astrology pendants. The size of the pendant is 18mm in diameter. Hung on a 16in vintage brass curb link chain.  Lengths can be adjusted, just ask!  

Looks great worn alone or all layered up for that perfect necklace party.

Custom zodiac combinations also available. Let's work together to create your own personal astrology story. Whether it's you and your partner, child, family or friend. (photo shown below with a double custom combination)  

Slow Fashion. Handmade with love.

Creative | Experimental | Everyday Jewelry  

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