Quartz Crystal and Labradorite Necklace - Vintage Brass

Quartz Crystal and Labradorite Necklace - Vintage Brass



Linked to the glimmering gold and green lights of the Aurora Borealis, the Labradorite stone is as mystical as its iridescent changing colors suggest. Born from the storms of the Northern Lights and found in Canada’s Labrador region, the healing properties of this healing crystal are all about tapping into your own wonderful well of creativity and connecting with the higher consciousness.

Clear Quartz is for mental power, clarity and strength. 

Rough Quartz crystal necklace with accents of Labradorite semi precious stones. Each Quartz crystal is unique and will vary for each necklace. Vintage brass flat curb link chain. Wear alone or layering also looks great. Have fun playing around. Length is 31in. 

Slow Fashion. Handmade with love.

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